O Yeah Super-Powered Vertical Vibrating Ring-Assorted Colors

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The OYeah! is the OWow’s distinctive cousin, featuring the same super powered stimulation but with a vertically mounted head positioned for the best intimate clitoral contact, even during intercourse. Curved stimulation extenders send tingling streams directly to her pleasure source, where most horizontal rings can not reach, and a one size fits all erection band keeps him hard and horny for as long as they both can go! Denser SEBS construction keeps the vibrator steady and in place, and sends the vibration throughout the entire ring so couples can enjoy multiple screaming O’s together.

The OYeah!’s extended reach bullet offers a unique curve that gives her unsurpassed uninterrupted stimulation in all kinds of sex positions! Denser Silicone construction maintains steady stimulation for his and her pleasure. A strong SEBS sleeve gives him the enhancement he needs and the sturdy stand tall support that keeps the vertical bullet in perfect place for her pleasure!

Removable bullet makes for multi-purpose, multi-use couples sex toy. The OYeah!’s super-powered bullet can be removed and used as a Vibrating Bullet, giving couples two toys in one package. Super stretchy erection band keeps his erection hard and strong. The OYeah!’s one size fits all cock ring is sturdy enough to get him harder longer, but stretchy enough for comfortable long term wear. Long lasting, super powered motor for his and her pleasure – The OYeah! uses the same vibrating power as The Screaming O Vibrating Bullets, giving couples the strength and power they need to cum together all night long!

*Please Note: This in an individual item. Upon shipment, you will receive the quantity specified in your order. This product number does not reflect all three items pictured. Photographs containing all three variations of this product are used for the sole purpose of showing the consumer all colors available. You will receive one of the three assorted colors available.