Pumped Premium Rechargeable Automatic Pump Transparent

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Premium Rechargeable Automatic Pump Transparent Penis Pump from Shots Toys. The rechargeable version of this high quality penis pump measures an impressive 11.42 inches and has a sizable girth of 2.76 inches. Made from medical grade silicone and ABS plastic, this sturdy pump will always deliver excellent results! The included silicone sleeve and ABS plastic tube are easy to clean.

This ultra deluxe automatic version comes with a screen that indicates 6 different pressure settings so you can be totally in control. Just press the button, sit back and let the pump take care of the rest! For quick and instant release there is a safety valve button, so there will be no surprises! The initial charge of the battery will take about 6 hours which will account for around 300 sessions with this fantastic pump!