Travel Enema Water Bottle Adapter 5 Piece Set

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Travel Enema Set 5 Piece Water Bottle Adapter Kit from XR Brands. Take easy, fun cleansing on the go with the Clean Stream Travel Enema Set! It comes with a smooth, silky, easy to insert silicone nozzle and 3 different adapters, plus a storage lid to keep things neat and tidy.

Use it on large or small water bottles when you are on the go, or at home with the shower adapter. The 5 hole spray nozzle has an outer skin of premium silicone so it cleans easily and will not harbor harmful or odor causing bacteria. Now you can enjoy a clean fresh feeling that will leave you ready for anything with this great adapter set!

Measurements 4.5 inches in length, 0.95 inch in diameter. Materials Silicone, ABS plastic, Polypropylene PP. Color Black. Note: comes with silicone nozzle, shower adapter, small water bottle adapter, large water bottle adapter and storage cover.